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Party FAQ

Q - When do booking dates become available?

Our online booking system automatically opens available times between 2 days and 90 days ahead of time. If a day or time is not available, it is either already booked or not within those available dates.

Q - Are there alternative booking times not available on the site?

For corporate or school bookings during the work day, please email for possible availability.

Q - Can we book a private party during regular business hours?

Sorry, all of our private parties are only available outside of our "open to the public" hours. There are no party bookings or reservations during our regular open hours. Please note: our online booking system confusingly shows "Morning", "Afternoon", and "Evening" for all days, regardless if we have bookings on those days/times or not.

Q - Can we come early to set up?

We will open the doors 5 minutes before your booked start time in order to answer any questions and allow you to set up your table.

Q - When do we have to leave?

We kindly ask you to leave promptly upon end booking time as we need time to clean up the space before the next event starts.

Q - Can we get a refund if we are late or don't show up?

Sorry, if you are late to or don't show up at your reserved party's date and time, we cannot give any refunds.

Q - Can we put up decorations?

We allow decorations only on our tables and chairs. No decorations allowed on walls, ceilings, or games.

Q - Can we bring our own food and drink?

You may bring your own "ready-to-eat" food and non-alcoholic beverages. Additional beverages are available for purchase at the arcade. All food must remain at the party tables at the front of the arcade. Drinks may be consumed at the party tables or within the arcade.

Q - Do you have power available to use?

Sorry, we do not have power available to use to charge items, cook/reheat food, or for any other use.

Q - Do I have to pay for someone (grandparents, etc...) who are not playing games?

All people entering the arcade must pay admission. Sorry, we can no longer allow 'spectators' or those wishing to hang-out.

Q - Is there somewhere to store a cake?

Yes, we have a refrigerator to store a cake. Sorry, we cannot store any other food or beverages at this time.

Q - If we can't make the booking time, can we get a refund?

It would be preferred to rebook for a different day, however we understand this isn't always ideal. We require 48 hours notice if requiring a cancelation or rebooking.

** Please note, our merchant account now charges us for all refunds. A cancellation fee of $30 will be implemented to cover these costs.


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